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I am in shock!

I am not an easy person to shock. (I blame my mom)

I just read in the local paper (gossip rag)that a certain family I've crossed paths with a few times over the past decade or so has been chosen as the "Family of the Year" by some local social agencies. OMG!

The father is a psychologist, the mother a teacher. There are three children. The entire family is weird. I mean it. These people are strange.

Lin and Andy went to preschool with the kids. The boys always seemed dirty. Their clothes were faded, worn. Their haircuts done at home. I don't believe money was an issue. The parents used to send their kids to school sick. Green boogers running out their noses, hacking coughs... get the picture. I asked a teacher once if one of the boys had any cold medicine (I am rather germ phobic, remember). Sure, she said, but his parents want him to be able to choose to take the medicine. They want him to understand that the medicine will make him feel better. If he chooses not to take the medicine because of its bad taste, then he will have to just feel bad. WHAT?!? The child in question was THREE! I know adults who can't make that distinction.

Also, I once saw the psychologist dad grab a child (unrelated) in anger after the child accidently hit him with a playground ball. Grab, short shake, got in the kid's four year old face. Yup. Now, there's a man I'd trust with children. If he'd yell at a unrelated child, what's he like at home?

Weird, weirder, weirdest.

I guess "it" really is all about who you know.

1:47 p.m. - December 29, 2003


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