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Where is the Love?

Happy Valentine's Day.

I think that I may have to nominate my husband for least romantic man in America. What did we do on our anniversary? Nothing. What will we do to celebrate Valentine's Day? Nothing. What does he do to let me know he's "in the mood"? He wiggles his eyebrows and tells me. Yeah, he's a real suave, kinda guy. Our rare night's out are spent eating at some chain restaurant. We really don't spend that much time alone. Sigh.

I miss romance. I may be hungry for romance. I've tried for years to convince Jack that there is a direct link between romance and our happiness as a couple. I've moaned and groaned about the link between romance and... um...well, sex. The boy is definitely riding the short bus on this issue. Totally clueless, or just lazy and basically satisfied with his lot? Who knows?

12:25 p.m. - February 14, 2004


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