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\"Luke, I am your Father...\"

Oh my God! We have the plague.

Okay, not really. It just feels that way. After, finally getting rid of the stomach bug, everyone (except me) has the sniffly, snotty, cough your lungs out bug. Yuch, yuch, yuch!

Jack is the sickest. Unfortunately, like most men I've run into, when he's sick, he's a big, grumpy baby. Of course, he only agreed to go to the doctor after both his eardrums ruptured due to infection.

What?!? Go to the Doctor? Why? I'm going to stay right here in my recliner, wheezing, coughing, groaning, and griping until I die. Then you'll be sorry you yelled at me to go to the doctor. So what if yuchy fluid is leaking out of my ears and I sound like Darth Vader? I'm a man. Sickness is for you weak females. You know, I never get sick.


He's making me crazier than I really am.

Anyways, he went to the doctor today. Right now, he's dozing- full of pain medication and antibiotics. Sleep well, dear one.

Praise all, he's stopped groaning. He's still breathing like Darth Vader though.

12:43 p.m. - February 24, 2004


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