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New and Improved... Maybe

Okay, I am back! New look, same old me.

Time for another update.

Lin: Released from orthopedist's care. Now able to wear matching shoes. Neurologist appointment on Wednesday. Still hates 9th grade with a purple passion. New friends. Exam week. Considering changing schools next year.

Andy: Temporary Scout setback- fails swimming test. ( This kid sinks like a two ton rock. He's had private and group lessons. He still has trouble swimming.)Counting the days until Return of the King opens.

Ike: Misses football, has returned to "tackling" brothers. Being tortured by trio of third grade girls. They chase him around the playground, and sit across from him at lunch so the can serenade him with the Barney theme song. Poor baby.

Connor: Worried about future career. Doesn't want to end up a homeless loser. Loving 1st grade. Still toothless.

Leo: Refuses to sleep during the night. Nudist. Mouth full of teeth. Ouch.

Jack: Who?

I took my CNA boards, passed, am state registered. I plan on searching for a job in January after the boys return to school. Yeah, I'm kinda terrified considering the last Paying job I had ended over 8 years ago. Also, I feel so damn old some days. Ah, well...


5:37 p.m. - December 15, 2003


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