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Some Matters of Concern

So, the snow melted quickly. The weekend was gorgeous, sunny, and warm. Now we're back to the usual windy, wet, muddy March. Ah, early Spring in the Southeast.

Not much is really happening in my life right now- just the daily grind.

Jack is still having problems hearing. Apparently, when you perforate both eardrums due to an untreated infection, damage can occur. Who knew? Okay, note sarcasm. To say my patience with invalid-Jack has worn thin would be an understatement. If he loooks at me one more time and says "Huh?", I may just snap. Or maybe, I'll just slap him silly. I guess I don't have much sympathy for the big lug, but all his "suffering" could have been avoided if he'd gone to the doctor when he first got sick. Men...can't live with them, cant.....

Lin is in a bit of a snit because she didn't get a "major" part in her school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. She has been cast as the fairy, Moth. She doesn't have any lines, but she does have to sing a duet with another fairy and do some um...fairy dancing. It's not the worst role, and the drama instructor cut over half of the kids that auditioned. She needs to stop being such a diva. Actually, I think she's so unhappy with her role because her arch-enemy got cast as Puck...da,da, dum. Think Britney and Christina without the slutty-ho clothes. Ah, the drama, bad pun intended.

The boys are all gearing up for baseball season. They've already managed to piss off the new neighbor next door by hitting balls into her house and yard. Instead of coming over to gripe, the passive agressive witch left a bitchy, condescending letter in our mailbox. She thinks the boys should either switch to whiffle ball or play on the other side of our yard. Whiffle ball- yeah right. I don't think she's had much contact with the male species. Boys crave the "crack of the bat" not the quiet, gentle plink of plastic. Anyways, I'll move the boys, no big deal. I wish that she had had the intestinal fortitude to gripe to my face, instead of composing letters entitled " a matter of concern." I'm not that scary.

1:09 p.m. - March 02, 2004


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