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I am the walrus

Your life is like Alice in Wonderland! It's crazy,
a bit weird, and you're a little lost in the
midst of it. You keep trying to follow that
damn white rabbit, and don't have much control
around you.

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Ain't it the truth!

So, Jack went to the ENT doc today. The hearing loss he's experiencing due to the dual ear infection should clear up in the next week or so. However, the hearing loss he has from playing drums in high school, working an assembly line during college, and working security in a arena during concerts and monster truck shows is permanent. Hopefully, he'll get over any vanity issues he has with wearing a hearing aid and return to the doctor for a follow up. Boy, he's been avoiding dealing with this problem for a long while now. I'm so over the extra loud television and repeating/translating for him. My philosophy is if there is a "problem" that can be fixed- fix it. Why spend the rest of your life going around saying Huh?

Leo is the most angelic looking toddler, but he is pure evil I tell you. Well, he's not really evil, he just has a terrible temper. He hates being bored, confined, and the word "no." Who doesn't?

Leo's not quite two, but already he is a master of the tantrum-on-demand. He screws his little, chubby face into a ferocious scowl. Then, he clenches his little dimpled hands into tight fists. He arches his back and becomes as stiff as a board. Finally, he opens his sweet little mouth wide and yowls. Loudly. He screams and screams until he's bright red. He screams until I question both my skill as a mother and my sanity. He screams until most strangers get that look on their faces. You know the look. The I can't believe that woman has reproduced, why doesn't she smack, pick up, smother that child- get away, get away, get away! (Okay, I don't smack toddlers, if I pick him up I'm "giving in" to the little darling, and I'm going, going, gone as soon as I can)

Right now, Leo only throws tantrums in public. He's learned that if he throws a fit at home, I'm going to plop his little bottom in the playpen and ignore him until he calms down. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured how to accomplish this in public.

Ah, there is nothing like a screaming two year old to keep a person humble.

10:51 p.m. - March 03, 2004


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