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Bitch and Moan

I think the pollen count here must be about a gadzillion and two. My bright, red mamamobile is now an unsettling shade of "baby food" pea green. Lovely.

Oh, I can't breathe, my eyes are watering constantly, and I itch.


Ain't it purty, though.

So, Jack and I have been having constant fights about his inability to do any housework. I knew that when I started working outside the home again that it was going to be extremely difficult to get him off his lazy ass. The man is completely spoiled. For most of our marriage, he has had no household responsibilities. The man doesn't even pick up his own dirty underwear off the bathroom floor after showering. God, he's such a slob. Also, I do most of the yard work, grocery shopping, homework checking, and schedule juggling.

Jack has no understanding of the concept of marriage as a partnership. I think he wants a mom to take care of everything. Except for that whole sex thing.

Whatever. Thinking about this makes my blood boil.

My question to him has always been, "If I am responsible for everything (job, children, housework, bills...), why do I need you? Because after 17 years, the passion's not exactly a-blazin'. We don't really have that much in common. And I am really okay by myself. I don't believe that I must have a man to be a success. Besides, if I have to watch another Jag rerun, I may develop an aneurism."

Marriage. Some days, I just adore being married. Can't you tell?

11:24 p.m. - April 20, 2004


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