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Mommy Big Bucks...NOT!

The weather here is freakishly cool. It feels like October not August. Brrr.

So, this is my weekend off. I get every other weekend off. The weekends I do work, I get two dollars more an hour. Oh yeah, just call me mommy big bucks.

Well, I was mommy big bucks until yesterday. Yesterday was back to school registration for the offspring. Lin, Ike, and Connor are all attending public schools this year. Andy is going to be homeschooled at least one more year. Leo goes to a nearby daycare so that I can grab some sleep. Anyways, school fees for the three in school totalled $240.00. Add the cost of school supplies and clothing to the fees and that total makes my stomach hurt. Ouch.

11:31 p.m. - August 07, 2004


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