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Ramblin' Rant or ...MARDI GRAS!

So, this week I've beeen sucked into a vortex of endless sweeping, laundry, and third grade homework. Actually, I've got a serious case of Spring fever. So far, I've arranged my comics by issue number, gone through and arranged our several bookcases, started on sorting clothing, and cleaned the entire house. I still need to paint, swap the kids' bedrooms around, find a slipcover for the den couch, and do something about the wallpaper in the front bathroom. I guess you could say that I'm embracing my obsessive- compulsive inner being.

Jack can hear again. This means that we can fight, again. Oh, joy. Our marriage is definitely going through a rough patch right now. It amazes me that "experts" like Dr. Phil can say they've been married for a zillion years and never had a serious fight with their spouse. Dr. Phil claims that he's never had a fight with his wife in front of his children. According, to Dr. Know-it-All, parents who fight in front of their children are extremely abusive. Their children are scarred for life. Perhaps, the good Doc will buy me a house large enough so that my kids won't know when Jack and I have our next disagreement over his household responsiblities. (Fight=disagreement between at least 2 individuals. May involve some shouting, ranting and angry faces. Hitting and abusive name-calling are not allowed). Jeez, what a ramble. Okay, then.

On a lighter note, in this season of Lent, Connor still has that Mardi Gras spirit. He has taken to randomly yanking up his shirt while shaking his 7 year old booty and shouting "MARDI GRAS". Too bad I don't have any beads to throw the little exhibitionist.

2:35 p.m. - March 10, 2004


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